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GD Obsession with Saakashvili May Harm Georgia’s International Reputation

Author: By Zviad Adzinbaia

Fresh legal action against Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s former president and The Rose Revolutionary has been taken by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia (POG) over alleged wasting of the governmental budget during his presidency.

The Prosecutor’s Office briefing the previous week announced to the public that Saakashvili was responsible for ‘enormous’ expenditures for items such as medical rehabilitations and clothes.

Observing the political processes of the country, frequent briefings at the POG has become a traditional occasion during the last two years of Georgian Dream (GD) rule. The latest case against the Georgian reformer might raise some legitimate questions as to whether Georgia’s politics is still dreaming or has moved to a new, anecdotal arena.

The GD, concentrating on Saakashvili’s Kashmir coat, several suits and physical rehabilitations, reflects an absurd political course which is not impressing Georgian citizens. There are several categories of voters, some of them even radical, but it was bread and jobs that people voted for in 2012, not persecutions and prosecutions.

Some Georgian political scientists assess the attempts of GD to improve economic and political infrastructure of Georgia as having collapsed and therefore the GD is using its tools of the so-called Restoring Justice paradigm to turn the citizens’ attention to the previous government. However, at the same time, the current powers are forgetting the so far unfulfilled promises of their two years of governance.

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Abkhazia Chooses from a Quartet of Generals

Author: By Zaza Jgharkava

On Sunday 24 August, the so-called presidential election is to be held in the occupied territory of Abkhazia. The main novel feature of the 2014 election is that it deprives Georgians of the right to vote due to their ethnicity. For the first time after the 1993 occupation, an election will take place without Georgians.

The locals have to choose from four generals. Two of the candidates: Raul Khajinba and Aslan Bzhania are former Soviet KGB officers; the background of the third candidate Leonid Dziapshba concerns USSR time Militia. As for the fourth candidate, he is also of military stock – Merab Kishmaria has fought in Afghanistan and was a USSR-time “cadre” officer. All four of them received the title of general after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Among them, it is obvious that Raul Khajimba is the distinct favorite for the election; not because he is a trusted person of the Russian President Putin, but because this election will be the fourth for Khajinba. He lost the first two elections to Sergey Baghapsh and a third to the resigned president Aleksandre Ankvab. These defeats gave him significant experience and should be an advantage in the current presidential race.

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